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Natassia Dreams

  • Natassia Dreams, superstar, TEA Lifetime Achievement Award winner, and all that jazz. She really is as gorgeous as she looks in real life, and it's hard to believe she's been in the industry performing since 2004!
    She's got an amazing body, great skin, a killer smile - but seriously, the best part of her ... it's that personality, always a smile, always polite, always fun and a pleasure to work with.

    You can catch Natassia at the AVNs, at the TEA's, on a catwalk near you (she's a professional cat walk model) or traveling near you, as she always seems to be on the move.
    A true superstar!
  • Lives In: Los Angeles, California
  • Birthday: 31st August
  • Age: Ageless
  • Occupation: Mainstream model/actress and adult model and actress
  • Ethnicity: Cherokee Indian African American Dominican
  • Languages: Spanish, Italian, Catalan, little French
  • Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
  • Nationality: American
  • Breast Size: 34D
  • Height: 5'10
  • Star Sign: Virgo
  • Body Type: Model, statuesque
  • Tattoos: 12
  • Piercings: Many

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Natassia Dreams, making your dreams come true! Stunning tgirl Natassia is here for you and she looks amazing as always, this gorgeous tgirl made her debut on Grooby Girls many years ago and today she's yours! Lounging by the pool on a gorgeous sunny day she gives you a striptease as she's warming up! When she has you horny enough she takes you back to the bed where she gets down to sucking your throbbing cock! When she's ready she gets on top of you and rides your cock hard, fucking you until you can hold it no longer and cum all over her ass! Natassia Only Has Eyes For You!

25th Mar 2021

21:51 HD Video
& 129 Photos

Natassia Dreams. Superstar, multi-award winner, catwalk model, pornstar and drop dead gorgeous. If you've met, you won't forget her - and now is your chance. The smile, the body, the lips, the boobs, the eyes and that perfectly toned booty just waiting for a call. Natassia really is something special. Is it dreams or is it reality? Treat yourself.

11th Oct 2017

27:31 HD Video
& 71 Photos

Rabbits Reviews says   The immersive Tgirl porn is undeniably hot and anyone who joins is going to enjoy the virtual ride!