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HTC Vive Start Guide

HTC Vive VR Start Guide

In this guide we'll walk you through how to view our Grooby 3D Videos on your HTC Vive VR device, using your desktop computer.

1. Ensure your computer is ready for Oculus

To view the videos smoothly on your computer you'll need to ensure it meets Vive's minimum requirements and you'll also want to ensure you have downloaded and installed the Vive software from their website. Installation is simple and the wizard will walk you through the process.

2. Download and install a suitable VR video player

There are a number of compatible VR video players but we would recommend the following:
  • Skybox can be downloaded for free. It provides a great experience on all platforms and is our preferred player.
  • Whirligig which has an older version available for free or the full version for $4.00. The free version will be fine but you may want the added features of the full version.
  • AutoplayVR is another good player, available for free.
  • Virtual Desktop is a paid application with great reviews available from the Steam Store.

3. Download your chosen video

Once you have chosen your video, be sure to select the "Oculus / Vive" option as shown below. Once purchased you may then proceed to download the video to your computer.

4. Launch the VR Player

Once your video has downloaded, you can simply drag the video directly into your VR Player or you can copy it to the appropriate folder for your player.

Then sit back and enjoy the show!

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