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Multiple award winning performer Aubrey Kate is back from work and she’s not happy. The house is a mess, she’s been working all day and you’ve done nothing. She needs some stress relief and she’s going to take it out on you. She sucks your cock and sticks her ass in your face for you to lick. Then she’s got your legs spread, lubed up and she fucks you hard until she climaxes. You love to make her happy and you take it all! Consider using your own toy for the full immersive experience of Aubrey Kate.

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  2. Hot love it Aubrey is so hot, ass in face.
    Do more Aubrey where she is getting fucked and riding cock and I’ll buy it all.

  3. I Don,t watch this movie because purchased…

  4. What can go wrong?
    Well it’s hot as fuck because I love her – but next time let’s see her getting fucked because I want to watch her getting fucked by me instead of fucking me.
    Dat ass”!

  5. aubrey is so fuckin hot, it actually felt she was right there fuckin me, love this one

  6. 2 main disappointments:

    1) She never stroked his cock while she banged him

    2) He had no cum shot

    She is gorgeous, and I hope you have her back, but in the future for this type of POV including those 2 points would give this 5 stars

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