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See through the eyes of one of the most sought after and exclusive transsexual performers in the world. Aubrey Kate is home alone, looking down at her amazing body, rolling a pair of stockings on her long, smooth legs and checking her makeup until Will comes over. Will takes his time kissing every part of Aubrey’s body – immerse yourself into being Aubrey Kate as your cock is sucking, asshole licked and finally penetrated. This is an experience you will never forget and another ground breaking scene.

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  1. dinp;bs&t:Hello guys, wonderful web page, particularly rich in content and appropriately carefully thought out, personally I found here substantially interesting and useful

  2. I’m not sure. It’s from Aubrey’s point of view so I don’t get to see Aubrey?
    I get it … but not for me.

  3. It’s cute and these two are cute and Casey’s cock is awesomeness. Nice oral and fucking, I like it but for me I like where I can be the man.

  4. Would have def bought it was male pov. To be inside Aubrey in those sexy white stockings, lingerie, and clear heels. Could have been epic

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